Secret to 25 Year Marriage


I have always felt like wedding anniversary’s were something that were private, a special day for the bride and groom to celebrate without much fan fair. My experiences in the last few days have caused me to realize that longevity in marriage is something people like to celebrate – because it is a novelty to most.

Celebrating my 25th Wedding Anniversary has led to some interesting conversations with several people…mostly strangers who are shocked that I am happily married after 25 years.

It really is true that it does get sweeter with time.

Join me over at MomLife Today to hear about some of my recent conversations and the secret to a long and successful marriage!



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    Happy anniversary, Tracey! Praying that your post today will resonate with many about the work that goes into marriage as well as the many blessings that are a result of that work. And of course, when God is the center of our lives and our marriages life is so much sweeter.

    Wishing you and your husband a joyous day and many, many more wonderful years together. 🙂


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