Sneak Out Of Your House Dare


Psst…I have a dare for you.

Find a quiet MOMent, make sure everyone else in your home is doing something that will keep them busy.

Sneak out of the back door of your home.

Sit on the back step, or porch, or right on down in the grass.

Look around you.

Listen carefully.

What do you see?

What do you hear?


I see – trees, leaves and branches rustling in the wind, grass, strewn branches, bright sunlight, my rose bushes and bird feeder, a bird fly by, wispy shadows, a cobweb, a flying insect, my two horses lazily grazing, a bird fluttering from one branch to the next, a squirrel dancing towards a tree, my backyard oasis that fills me with joy.

I hear – wind rustling the trees, birds softly chirping, a neighbor using machinery, leaves scrapping against the driveway as they blow away, a car drive by out front, the wind is kissing my skin, something drops on the roof, more wind sweeping a branch against the house, gentle breezes, the sounds of life and breath and God’s whispers.

Taking just such a quiet MOMent…or two…can fully refresh and revive any moms day.

Praise Him for the simple, sweet pleasures found in your own back yard.

Big Hug!

Now…go love your family well!

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