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I need your help moms…vote…vote…vote!  (Dads can vote too!!!)

I have a big decision to make – choosing the cover for my new book “Be The Mom”!

Please let me know which cover you like the best, by voting for: “Blue Jeans” or “Bubbles” in the comments below.  This is so cool!!!   :0)

Thanks in advance for your help! (Somebody pinch me!)




  1. says

    Tracy!!!! So pumped for you… does it feel real yet.
    I’m all about the blue jeans…. Simply motherhood
    is about kids.. bubbles looks like it’s a dreamy
    breeze. Hahaha. Although it is. sometimes
    wonderful and fun.. … I love the
    Jeans one… I would pick it up! Blesssings
    Also.. like the logo for Mom’s Boot camp
    caught my eye on the site. You got it going on
    girl…. So excited for you!

  2. says

    First, congratulations!

    As for my vote, I love the composition of both, but put me down as 1 for the Bubbles cover. It plays in well with the tagline of enjoying your kids.

  3. says

    Love the bubbles. It takes effort for a mom to remember to get down on kids’ level, laugh, and enjoy life. It’s something I need to be reminded of often. But I don’t have three kids; I don’t have all girls; and I don’t have tiny ones anymore, so I might skip over the blue jeans cover.

  4. Kimberly Robertson says

    Blue jeans. Being the mom, to me, means sometimes holding them and sometimes being held by them. Can’t wait to buy the final version no matter what the cover! Congrats Tracey!

  5. says

    Bubbles! I’m overwhelmed all the time, and seeing that blue jeans cover makes me feel tired. Like MontanaSherryC says, I need the reminder to play with my kids and enjoy them, and the bubbles cover gives me hope that maybe I can recover the joy of my youth with my kids!

    Whichever it turns out, though, congrats on doing the book! Wonderful to see books like this being published!

  6. says

    Wow that is a tough decision but as a mom of 8 – I have to go with the jeans & kids hangin on momma’s leg!

    That one just seems more real – it’s a tender photo that says so many things to me. 1) it’s not about the mom – it’s about the kids – brings them into focus (as the focal point); 2) it’s obvious they adore her 3)jeans are the perfect mom attire 3) she’s not being anything else here- she’s simply being mom! 3) good reminder for those of us who are now watching our grandbabes hang on our children’s legs. Glad Tricia passed your name along. I’d love to follow you (as I follow Jesus) lol. 🙂 blessings Tracey

  7. says

    I love them both, but would be most drawn to pick up the bubbles one…just looks more “rest and relaxed”, which is what most moms want! I know I do, with 5 kids! Good luck!

  8. Moriah says

    My first instinct is Blue Jeans. It caught my eye and as a mom, it would be the one I would pick up because I relate to trying to multi-task kids! Even though the bubbles one goes more with the theme of having fun with kids, it didn’t relate to me as much…both super great covers though!!!

  9. Cindy Landes says

    Hey Tracey, you’re gorgeous so I think it should be you and your cuties. I’m attracted to the bubbles but it doesn’t say mom. Tell Bill and my former WTR mates “hello”

  10. says

    Bubbles! I wonder, though, if they could work the reflection of a grinning child in one of the bubbles? Or what if she was scooted down lower in the picture, and a child was lying upside down, head to head with her, reaching for a bubble? In Blue Jeans, I’m not crazy about the faceless mom, and the kids clutching her makes it seem more like mom is surviving than thriving. The kids are embracing her, but it’s nice to see a mom embracing back, down on their level, and joyfully too. It’s a great cover to express how pulled moms are in all directions and how they can be overwhelmed: just not sure that fits the theme of the book you described. Plus the bubbles one really pops! My eye went to that one first and right away. It makes me joyful just looking at it, plus reminds me of times blowing bubbles with my kids.

    • says

      I LOVE this reply, exactly how I was feeling. I think having a picture with the mom and kid head-to-head under the bubbles would be perfection!

      I think the Blue Jeans cover is too “standard” of how Moms tend to be displayed. While children are what make us Moms, it sounds like this book is geared to help women break away from the “normal” overwhelmingness of Mommyhood … and while it’s cute, I think that cover only adds to the over-loaded woman idea of being a mom.

  11. says

    Tough one! They’re both great! I finally decided on the bubbles cover–but I don’t like the font of the title at all. It doesn’t work. The jeans title font is much more fun…and would fit better with bubbles…
    –Mom of four pretty good kids, “Nana” to seven perfect grandchildren

  12. Jennifer says

    I’m going to vote for Blue Jeans. I think I like the overall design better including the font being used. I like the bubbles picture better, but the overall look of the cover is not as inviting.

  13. Carolyn Holmes says

    What type of audience do you want to target?
    Blue Jeans says… Be the mom.. days are bad days are good,… kids hanging on you kids loving on you.. but wait light at the end of the tunnel … not in it…
    Bubbles…. everything’s copacetic.. no worries, just have fun…

  14. says

    My first response: blue jeans. While I agree with Laurie about the surviving vs thriving, I think it goes right to the heart of your book, that it is about overcoming attitude traps: The trap of it’s just about a hectic life, and grabby kids and an exhausted mom.

    Re the bubbles photo: I do like her suggestion about moving mom down in the bubbles photo and adding a child. That would certainly bring playfulness and taking time to mind.

    Well done, and such an exciting project!

  15. Heather English says

    Hey Grl!!! Im soooo excited for you!!! Its so cool to see your name on that book cover! I like the bubbles:)

  16. Deb Gulbranson says

    Blue jeans gets my vote…shows a mom in action! Love you and am praying you through the finish of this God ordained project!

  17. says

    How exciting! They’re both great but I’m going to go with Blue Jeans. I think it better reflects a “mom” image and those kiddos are lovin’ like crazy.

  18. Angie says

    I like them both. The blue jeans one jumped out at me first but the bubbles one goes more with the subtitle. my vote is for the Jeans.

  19. Julia says

    I vote for Bubbles, but I agree with the person who said the font needs changing on the bubbles cover. Fun photo but boring, serious font. My reason for choosing bubbles over jeans is because I think it better reflects the themes you write about. Yes, you write about the times when kids are hanging off a mom, but you seem led to encourage moms to have fun- not just do the “work” of being mom. I think the bubbles photo better captures that FUN MOM theme you are passionate about.

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