Book Title Decided

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

I always knew the working title I had for my book would not remain the title as it didn’t really reveal what the book was truly about.

Well – Tyndale and Focus on the Family who are working together on my book project have agreed to the Title I suggested…with a bit of an add on in their subtitle.

Drum roll please…

The title of my book to be released in August of 2012 is…

Be The Mom

Subtitle:  Overcome Attitude Traps and Enjoy Your Kids

Woo hoo!!!

How could this even be happening – God is a BIG God!

Excuse me while I go dance in the kitchen like a crazy person!

And if you are reading this then I need a ginormous favor…would you head on over to Facebook and search “Be The Mom” and “Like” the page for me so I can have it as my very own – I need 25 peeps to do that!

This will ultimately be the place for moms who read the book {gasp} to congregate and ask questions, visit and all around encourage each other!


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