Boys N Cars

I am sure you have had heard it said (or learned personally) that teenagers can be a major source of frustration. While that is true, they can also be a major source of insight – and are frequently wiser than we give them credit for.

Adults strive to figure out teenagers and why they think and act the way they do. Since one of my delights is to speak into the lives of teenagers, I observe and do mom research by interacting, listening and capturing teen thoughts, actions and attitudes. Which is part of why I truly enjoy substitute teaching. It is amazing what you can hear a teen say when they assume you are not listening. I mean really…do they think we don’t have ears?

My own teens are a great source of wisdom as well. I recently received a lesson on Boys n Cars from my daughter that is one parents of teen boys might like to hear. We saw a newly licensed “coming of age” sixteen year old guy get out of his car – his very nice, fully appointed sports car. My husband commented that no teenage boy had any business having an automobile of that caliber because it’s purpose on a flat surface is to rapidly achieve extremely high speeds in the span of mere seconds.

My daughter eagerly chimed, “I know, it’s pathetic, does he not realize how ridiculous he looks in that car. He’s a kid. It’s like he’s a little boy riding atop a Thoroughbred race horse waving his arms saying look at me, look at me, look at me! When everyone all around him knows, that boy has no business on a Thoroughbred – all he’s gonna do is get himself hurt up there!”

Interesting analogy, great word picture and a window into the mind of a teenage girl. Rather than be impressed by the steed the teen was dismounting she realized that the sports car he is in is more than he can handle and by riding around in it he merely points out his immaturity and inability to embrace his limitations. Pretty insightful observation from a teen girl.

And I gotta ask, “What are his parents thinking?” Fast sports cars and sixteen year old boys do not mix.


  1. Suzanne says

    Have you ever wondered that parents are thinking that they think they THEY feel look if they think their boys look cool? Does that make sense? It’s like, “Son, I want you to be cool, at any cost, so drive this car, and be the cool kid that I never was.”

  2. says

    Sadly, I have known parents that show their love by buying their kids “stuff”! It’s the only way they know. I have been tempted, on a smaller scale, to do the same thing. (although I can’t afford sports cars! ) I guess that we need to just keep each other in prayer as parents. It’s such a hard job! On the other hand, I have had people question us for things my kids have, and they didn’t know it was a gift from grandma! So, who knows! Maybe this boy got a gift from a rich grandpa!!! LOL

    Good thoughts!

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