College Freshman Tips

The weeks have rolled by into months…and I have survived my oldest daughter going off to college. I have learned a few things along the way.

There are many emotions that have hurled through my heart and head over the last few weeks. Excitement for my daughter at what lies ahead, sadness for me as I miss her deeply, concern for her brother who is so very close to her and alarm for my husband who at times has looked like a sad ten year old boy.

There is a lot packed into figuring out a new normal when a very integral and loving part of your household strips her room bare and waltzes out the door to merrily go off to college. The hole left behind is a giant vacuum that seeks to suck the frivolity and joy right out of the home.

For tips on how to make sure that vacuum problem does not occur join me over at MomLife Today to read the full article!

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