Courageous A Must See

The movie Courageous is life changing – take it from me, take it from the over 1,000,000 people who saw it last weekend who made it the #1 movie in America….even though it is showing in 1/2 of the theaters the big Hollywood movies opened up in last week.

My husband and I loved it, our 15 year old son loved it and our 18 year old daughter loved it. My daughter “forced” a big group of college friends to spend money (yes, poor struggling college students) to go see it last weekend during a matinee showing because she SO wanted them all to see it.

She shared with me that after the movie they were LITERALLY walking up to strangers telling them they had to go see the movie. They walked all around campus telling people to go see it and they have been talking it up all week, making phone calls back home!  They “get it” that the movie Courageous will change families for the better.

So really … GO SEE COURAGEOUS!!!

Enjoy this music video to get you as fired up as my daughter then make a phone call to hubby, some friends, a babysitter…go see the movie!


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    Sadly, I have known parents that show their love by buying their kids “stuff”! It’s the only way they know. I have been tempted, on a smaller scale, to do the same thing. (although I can’t afford sports cars! ) I guess that we need to just keep each other in prayer as parents. It’s such a hard job! On the other hand, I have had people question us for things my kids have, and they didn’t know it was a gift from grandma! So, who knows! Maybe this boy got a gift from a rich grandpa!!! LOL

    Good thoughts!

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