Thanksgiving Changes

As you may recall, my daughter started college a few months ago. That has led to changes and a new normal around here.

She certainly left a big empty space in our home upon her departure, but God is graciously filling that void. Having the capacity to embrace change, even one so very close to one’s heart is a choice – and I am choosing to accept, adapt and grow.

I have been counting the days until Thanksgiving and then CHRISTmas so I can spend precious time with my girl.


In early November my daughter called to ask if she could go with her college friends to Texas for Thanksgiving. I admit, my first thought was, “No way girlie – get yourself home!” However, God whispered louder than my panic fueled mom heart and I told her that her father and I would think and pray about her request.

Selfishly…I wanted to say no. But wow – she has this amazing group of friends God has brought together who study hard, chase God hard and are filled with joy and seek adventure. They have spent two weekends at our home and they are amazing young adults all walking the narrow path.

Heavy sigh.

Yes, we spent Thanksgiving without our girl and at times it was a big-o bummer.

However, she had a great Texas adventure and gained much by interacting with parents, siblings and relatives of two of her new friends. For that I am grateful. My release led to her growth.

This letting go stuff is hard…but I am learning to expect and accept change and be grateful- with a strong dose of prayer and dependance on God I hope I can keep it up!

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