Words of Wonder

To my writing friends out there…do you ever go back and read something you have written and wonder, “Did I really write that?”

It seems to happen to me more and more. Maybe it is because I am becoming flighty – but I do believe it is something more than that.

It reminds me of my prayers…how I can get so lost in times of prayer that I wander to what the Holy Spirit wants me to pray and stray from my agenda. That’s sweetness.

That same sweetness can and does occur in my writing.

Which makes it all the more daunting when there are times I feel there are not words teetering to spill out of me … so I avoid the key pad altogether. Not wanting to write drivel. For that would be a waste of time for the reader. And time is your most precious commodity, especially for those you love you most. Far be it from me to take you from them…for drivel.

Much like the prayer must begin before the divine can take over…so too must the fingers attempt humble beginnings across a key pad – trusting that helpfulness and encouragement will eventually flow.

And at times, those words of wonder appear. Those words that really do not come from this simple girl.

Other times…not so much.



  1. Suzanne says

    All the time, when I’m writing correspondence or ementoring. But, we shouldn’t be surprised, should we? Because just before beginning to write, how did we start? We prayed, then, we typed, right?

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