Interviewing A Model

I really enjoy interviewing people for MomLife Today because being able to share what others are doing to glorify God, that in process speaks into the lives of moms, makes me silly happy!

Confession time…knowing that I was interviewing an International model made me feel silly awkward…like my former awkward pre-teen self. No pressure there…sitting on camera opposite a woman who has been on magazine covers. Gee thanks.

I chose, yes chose, not to “go there” with the comparison trap…and approached the interview with a brave, and yes, happy heart! I even got silly happy because Rachel Lee Carter is a “true beauty” and is an amazing mom and has a passion to speak into the lives of teens (and their moms) about the importance of modesty!

If you would like to “meet” Rachel Lee Carter hop on over to MomLife Today and you can see my video interview and listen to her on FamilyLife Today!



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