Roof Crashers

There are times in my momlife where I sit in amazement of who my children are becoming.

He sheepishly walked in from Echo – the Wednesday night youth gathering at our church – and as he looked up at me I could see emotion in his face. He grinned slightly and averted his eyes. My mom senses picked up on something…something big.

“Are you OK?” I inquired.

“Yeah…well…it was a really good night,” he offered.

“Have you been crying?”

“Um…yeah…I am just so happy, and blessed…to have such great friends. After church we gathered in a circle and we prayed for each other and I just kept thinking how blessed I am to have such amazing Godly friends. I told them we were going to be known as the Roof Crashers from on.”

Spend some time reading Luke 5:17-26 and you’ll see the enormity of that proclamation.

This is the same boy who at age five was screamed at on the playground, “Go away – we don’t like you, we don’t want to play with you.” The same boy who has received a good amount of ribbing because he chooses to step away when conversations go south. (Which trust me moms, amongst boys, happens more than we would all like to admit!)

As I have pondered my sons sheer joy over who he spends time with I am reminded that we all need to surround ourselves with authentic relationship.

Do you have Roof Crashers in your life? I encourage you to stop right now and pull out your note cards and write each one of them a good old fashioned hand written note of gratitude and let them know just how much you love and appreciate them.

Come back to visit and I’ll share with you just why I think that son of mine has the desire to seek authentic relationship…it does take some parental modeling, but obviously it is worth the effort!



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