Texting Pick Me Up

I was moseying along during the day yesterday, minding my own business – actually I was cleaning a bathroom. Such is the glamorous life of a mom expecting a house full of couples for a good old fashioned deep Biblical discussion.

Part of me wanted to fore-go the cleaning and just let my son’s mess speak for itself – “This is our home, we do live in it and our guest bathroom happens to also be my 15 year old son’t bathroom and he nor I have done our chores for nearly two weeks!”  I know…that’s kinda yucky, but we were out of town, he was staying with friends and we are all still trying to catch up!

But gee, company was coming.  It might shock you to learn I decided not to run the sweeper…I really am so over the “my home must be perfect to be a good mom” lie!

So…any-who I hear the familiar “ping” on my very old iphone and I bolted towards it to see who was wanting to connect.  You do that once you have a child in college – truly… any connection from the former occupant of your daily home and heart life is craved.

There to my hopeful eyes was a text from my girl, my Freshman in college, my “I do miss you mom” girl…and here is what it said:

“$96,261 a year, what the average homemaker is worth. According to…hmm, the people on the radio who were talking about taxes and money and stuff. Just thought you might find that interesting. Love you momma!”

It appears I am a millionaire…with a sparkly bathroom and a dirty floor!
Truth be told, the payment I receive in raising thriving teens is far better than the millions!


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