RoMANtic Done Right

Valentine’s Day is approaching…are you filled with anticipation?

I get that we women long for romance and wonder what our husband’s might be planning for us, but how about a change of plans this year? How about this year you plan something special for him?

Maybe just suggest to him this weekend that you are going to make all the Valentine’s Day plans – whether you prepare a meal at home, or make reservations to go out, you take the initiative to create a romantic interlude.

I have always preferred the at home route…our children enjoy a pizza and movie picnic in a separate room for our romantic dinner at home. The best part of the night are the giggles we would get when they’d peek around the corner and see their parents enjoying a quiet dinner together!

Modeling loving each other well is a wonderful Valentine’s gift for your children – and one they will carry with them into adulthood!

Looking for the perfect gift for hubby to top the night off? Are you aware you could do this at zero monetary cost?

Get a medium sized box, put nothing in it, wrap it up in extravagant red and white wrapping or with simple white tissue paper and a big red bow. When he opens it give him a knowing smile and let him know that’s your new night gown.

Simple…but effective roMANce!





  1. says

    That’s AWESOME!
    And I know my husband would love it. 🙂
    I might have missed Valentine’s Day, but I’m keeping this idea for our anniversary… Or maybe I’ll give him this present on my birthday.
    Thanks (from both of us)!

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