Stay The Course?

When your first born goes off to college there are so very many challenges.
Letting go, trusting God, an empty bedroom, a smaller ketchup bottle, no more long brown hair stuck in the vacuum cleaner brush, one less place setting, a sad cat, less conversation – I could make a lengthy list.
I could cry me a river too.
But I choose not to – I have spent the last 19 years training her for this time in her life and quite frankly, she is ready. She has stepped into her new life and is thriving. She has chosen friendships well, she is chasing after God, she is loving others, she spends time in the school library often…and the chapel. And down in the creek bed – she’s always been drawn to Him in creation.
As parents we hope and pray that what we teach them daily, what we model to them daily will become their own.
It has…and more.
Moms – keep pouring into your children. Before you know it, you too will be sitting on an empty bed, hugging a worn and well loved stuffed animal.
I assure you that every single MOMent you spent giving of yourself to her will be worth it.
Stay the course.

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