Best Lunchbox Sandwich Ever

Forgive my absence…due to travel maxi-mus time in February I chose to go on hiatus here on the old personal blog and concentrate on family – and ministry over at MomLife Today.  I got a real life lesson in there are only so many hours in a day and has always been my policy, the home front comes first! And though I was not here, I have still been visiting YOU and am warmed anew by all God is doing in and through YOU in the blogosphere – blog on amazing friends!

I do have something earth shattering to share with you today though…The BEST LUNCHBOX SANDWICH EVER!

In an effort to “protect” my children from unhealthy lunches we have made it a habit around here to prepare good old fashioned sack lunches for “at school” days. Due to the picky nature of my daughter and her desire for continuity she was always happy with PB&J or a simple turkey and cheese sandwich with a piece of fruit, bag o chips and a sweet treat. Boring and not ultra healthy – but better than fast food fodder.

My son, on the other hand has varied tastes and now that big sister has gone off to college – and I am subsequently in, “How can I love my other child well before he goes off to college in three short years?” mode – I have been participating in lunch experiments.  I have thrown together all types of interesting concoctions – in search of taste and health sublimeness! (oops – that awakened my spell check – cool word, I’m stickin with it!)

As a result – I am proud to declare that I have discovered the BEST LUNCHBOX SANDWICH EVER. As declared by my son – and various lunchtablemates he gathers with each day.

Evidently, on the days I make this sandwich, upon it being gingerly lifted from it’s lunchbox cocoon…a crowd assembles, a faint drum roll can be heard in the distance, a slight group inhaling of breath is audible as he gently lays it on the table. As careful separation of the aluminum foil protective covering occurs, the eager crowd leans in just a bit closer…breath held, anticipation mounting. As the piece De resistance is fully revealed an audible gasp is heard and a faint Hallelujah chorus emanates from somewhere in the lunchroom distance. There before a crowd of dazed and drooling onlookers lies what will go down in small town folklore as the BEST LUNCHBOX SANDWICH EVER.

At least that’s what I’m envisioning…

Oh my, I’m at nearly 400 words now – I guess I’ll have to make the “big reveal” tomorrow.

And that my friends, is a lesson in how to leave people wanting more – or tick people off due to a bait and switch.

I hope you’ll be back tomorrow for the “skinny” on how to make the BEST LUNCHBOX SANDWICH EVER!


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