“Bing” – God Has a Message For You

Reading the word of God truly is like daily unlocking a mystery that is revealed personally to me each day.

I don’t know why I am still amazed at how God will speak to me through His word. So much so that I thank Him out loud, and often.

If you are not someone who takes time to read and ponder the Bible I want to challenge you to try it for 30 days. Come on, 30 days…isn’t it worth the time and effort to see what God wants to reveal to you.

It is not trumpets blowing, or an audible voice it is something that resonates in you as you read.  If you push the world aside, and read there will be something that stands out to you, something that you want to roll around in your head and apply to your life or your day. Or later that day something will happen and “bing” a phrase will roll through your head.

We all are craving relationship – Facebook friends and Twitter followers are evidence of that.

When you hear a bing on your computer you no doubt find out who has sent you a message and what they want you to know. Mulitply that by a gajillion when that “bing” is a message from God.

And it will happen.


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    I’ve definitely been looking for more personal messages from God lately. And guess what? I’m finding them and it’s simply delightful.

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