I Am Back In College

At least that’s how it feels!

At this very MOMent I am sitting in my daughter’s dorm room, on her bed to be exact. I am experiencing a VERY surreal flash back in time to when I was sitting on my own dorm room bed. (Many, many years ago…yes, two many’s!)

Familiar sounds of voices down the hallway, the creek of a bathroom door opening exposing shower sound echoes and hair dryer whirring and the shuffling of flip flops. Neighboring female voices shouting, girls giggling, fast footsteps down the hallway.

This is absolutely mind bending.

The most interesting sensation of all…a memory of feeling so in love with one big handsome young man who I wondered, hoped and dreamed of spending my life with. My sweet Bill – whom I have now been married to for over 25 years. My dream come true.

I am here to visit my daughter and in the process, I am visiting memories of days gone by and I am being reminded anew of God’s loving care for me over a lifetime.

I have spent the last several minutes thanking God for His complete sovereignty over my life and recognizing that just as He watched over, loved and cared for me – He is doing the same for my “little girl” in her first year of college. I imagine the hopes and dreams of her Jesus filled heart as she nestles into her bed here each night.

I think God intended this MOMent for me, divinely lavishing me with His peaceful assurance that He is in control and has an amazing unseen, but God orchestrated, plan for my daughters life.

Joy and peace abounds! (Co-mingled with the sounds of college dorm room life… and that is a sweet symphony blend this mom heart is cherishing!)



  1. donna callahan herman says

    I couldnt read this article without commenting. Tracey, i was the noise out in the hallway or across the way. Lol I watched tracey make her calendars for the next time she would get to see bill. Every trip we would count down the days. We would ride together to florida and drop her off to get to bill. Their love was intriguing to watch. So glad you two have continued to love each other. Love you friend. Donna

  2. Tracey says

    Hey sweet friend…what wonderful memories I have of you and our fun filled college life, and road trips, and weddings and young married couple visits. Sweet memories! Blessed to see you so very happy and cherish our memories! Big Hug to you!

  3. says

    Tracey, everyone always talks about how hard and sad it is for your children to leave home, but this post actually makes me excited that one day my daughter will get to leave home for her own God-sized adventures (she is only two now 😉 )… what a wonderful blessing that we get to watch them be “sent”! 🙂

    – Rachel

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