Can Moms Wear Boy Pants?

I hope the answer to that title is yes…because I am!

What’s a mom to do when it seems women’s clothing is getting stranger and skimpier? Well, when she has a teen son she raids his “out grown clothes” box and finds herself a few new clothes!

Heck yes!

I have a couple pair of jeans, new shorts and due to the low waistedness of them my muffin top (lament) seems relatively well camoflauged.

No, I won’t wear these clothes out in public – well maybe to a few places, you know the places where you will even go without make up. Yes, I go to places without make up and in boy clothes…don’t you?

Anywho…I almost missed the boat here, because this particular gathering of clothes was actually two season old and I thought I had already given them away.

I am gathering up “men’s clothes” to take to a local missions thrift store in a church because we recently learned the biggest item missing from most mission thrift stores is mens clothing!  Hubby agrees that he has way more clothes than he needs, so we have a big bunch of his clothes to take to Friendly Chapel. Knowing it will bless hard working men who are in need of nice men’s clothing makes me oh so happy!

I thought you should know that men’s clothing is a need in most all communities because you may want to gather up some men’s clothes to take to your local mission!

But put on lady clothes and make up before you go make your delivery!

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