Day of Prayer

Twice a year Cru (formally known as Campus Crusade for Christ) has a Day of Prayer in which all of the people involved with all of their different ministry outreaches cease striving and spend the day before the Lord in prayer.

What an amazing spiritual discipline for each of us to practice – extended, focused time in prayer.

We met together at a state park and had a time of aloneness in God’s creation going before the Lord in prayer and we also had times where we met together and gathered in groups to pray. It was indeed a rich day.

Might I suggest that right now you place a day on your calendar in the coming weeks where you will cease striving and spend the day in prayer. Whether you do so alone, gather with a group of friends or as a family I know you will be blessed.

And that is all I have to say today…as I am feeling so much at peace I am signing off!

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