Green Mom? Not good!

Being a mom is HARD.

Forget “Calgon take me away” sometimes during the course of a typical week any mom (who’s honest) wants to stand up and scream, upon which blood vessels will strain, her body will begin to contort, her skin will turn green and a Hulk-like transformation occurs.  Well, maybe not on the outside, but sometimes we do get frustrated and go all Hulk on the inside.


As I recall watching the Hulk lose it, transform and go green, I can imagine what that would be like – safely knowing we could never transform into an ugly monster as he does. Or…can we?

Some of us are yell-ers, some of us are glare-ers, some of us are stomp-ers, some of us are guilt inducers, some of us are cry-ers, some of us are do more-ers, some of us are stuff-ers, some of us are escape-ers – but the cold hard truth is all of us are capable of transforming into something ugly and overbearing.


What we transform into teaches our children how to react to life’s bumps, frustrations and the constant reality that things don’t always go our way.

Just so you know, this post is being written because I had a recent bout with “green” and I am processing out loud. I know this is a mom struggle  because I have heard from countless moms that “going green” is a struggle for them as well.

How do we fight it? What do we do when we feel our blood start to boil, when we detect our potential for “going green” is at a fever pitch?

For me, I put aside all the “-er’s” described above and I become a pray-er. God knows my problematic attitude and if I feel the green monster threatening to overtake me, I abate it through prayer and an honest look at my need to control. I choose (yes, it is a choice) to remain a nice healthy skin tone. If necessary I remove myself from the area for a bit, read a scripture note card, pray some more and gather myself before I do or say something that could have lasting effects on my children.

Green trickles down you know- your bad habits become their bad habits. (I hate it when that happens – aarrgghh!)

Children experience life as little sponges, soaking up our every word and deed. Join me over at Family Matters Blog today where I share a recent blessed green-free MOMent I witnessed between mother and child.





  1. Suzanne says

    This is an awesome post, Tracey! Thank you SO MUCH for being real, and for not portraying yourself as always being perfect! Being extravagently blessed, and having heard you pray, I know this is really your heart. Prayer changes us so fast, doesn’t it? Thanks for this!

  2. Jamie says

    Thank you so much for this post. I REALLY needed to read this and am so glad I came across it!! I’m really having problems with my anger and I only pray I can change my ways and undo what I’ve already “taught” my 8 year old!

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