Little Boy House Guests


Sometimes a simple phrase from a child can make you stop and think.

Two sweet, energetic and adorable little boys ages 3 and 5 recently filled our home with giggles and grins. I was meeting their mom for the first time to discuss some MomLife Today matters and she had her sons along for the trip. There was no way they needed to be staying in a hotel – so invited them to stay with us.

We had discussions under a basketball hoop, over cheese pizza and sliced strawberries, on a play ground, while feeding horses and through and around excited utterances by her playful, polite and full of life little boys.

I quite liked it.

I also admired her ability to sweetly answer their litany of questions in the midst of our visit. I marveled at the soft voices and raised eyebrows directed at me while they implored, “Excuse me, excuse me…” followed by a question of supreme little boy importance.

Happiness and joy.

God brought two mom hearts together amongst the throes of motherhood. It filled me with delight to be with this sweet mom and her boys.

It fills me with expectancy as I ponder why God has brought us together.

As they were loading up the car to leave – I gave big hugs. As I stooped down to hug the youngest, adorable guy, he just stared at me for a few seconds. I could see his little mind was chewing on something, his brows were crinkled and he was looking hard at me.  He then said the sweetest thing anyone has said to me in a long time, “I like your face.”

I felt a gentle squeezing of my heart as I squeezed him goodbye. And honestly, it was as if God reached out to me through this little boy’s simple, sweet words. His mother too, was moved by that uncomplicated phrase. She told me as much, and I simply shared that I hope whatever he was drawn to in me was the Jesus shining through.

Moms of older children, never lose the wonder of making time for younger children. God may have planned an unforeseen blessing.



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