What Have Your Child’s Eyes Seen?

Yesterday over at MomLife Today we ran a post that literally made me gasp – no doubt you will too.

It suggests that the average age a child first views pornography is far younger than you might suspect.

The fact is, the average age of the first inception of pornography these days is 11. Yep. You read that right. Eleven. As in fifth grade. Last year of elementary school. (And that’s average. Yep, nine year olds are looking at porn.) On this fact alone, I’m glad someone out there in cyberspace is addressing the issue.

My heart breaks. As parents we must be ever diligent to recognize that the enemy, and the world, is actively seeking to lure our children…our children…into the world of pornography. And it is physically addicting due to the effect it has on the human brain. Even though you may think it couldn’t happen to your child…it can – I know a third grade teacher who has students in her classroom that are battling the lure of pornography.

Recognize that ANYTHING that connects to the internet it a portal into our children’s minds and hearts -we must not take that lightly and be boldly aggressive in protecting our children.

To learn more go to MomLife Today to read the rest of the story.

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