Anxiety & Fear Wave

I am in a difficult place right now.

I just read over and camped on Psalm 23 for a bit.

Rather than quiet waters…I sense a churning.

An overwhelming crash of emotion…a wave of anxiety and fear.   As I concentrate on God and who He is in the face of my uncertainty, though the wave is upon me, it slowly abates with the ebb of peace and calm – just as the waves of the ocean.

God is not surprised by anything happening in my life right now.

I am learning that the pound of the wave is strangely welcomed. Because that turmoil and tumbling brings with it the promise of a gentle retreat and peaceful calm remains after the wave subsides.

The sea shell that finds itself trapped within the surf being rolled and tossed and relentlessly pounded has no way of knowing that tumult is smoothing rough edges and polishing to bring out beauty.

And the powerful wave is pushing that seashell towards a serene seashore that passersby may stop, stoop and admire all of its God intended gloriousness.

God’s creation was fashioned in the pounding.

This is the picture God gave me this morning of what He is up to in the pounding. It sounds splendid when it’s a seashell – it’s painful when you are a mom … attempting to go about your day.

I glance over at my Bible and the words somehow seem larger “…he leads me beside quiet waters,” indeed no matter the tumult…He leads me to the quiet waters. For that I am overcome with gratitude for His grace and mercy.

I will praise Him in this storm.


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