Foster Care Prayer Vigil – Hosts Needed

I have supported Hope for Orphans since 2006 and it is my fervent prayer that others in the mom blogging space will join with Hope for Orphans for the National Foster Care Prayer Vigil.

Five years ago during a gathering of orphan advocates at Saddleback Church I stood at a small table and registered those who would commit to pray. That day I slowly watched the map of the United States fill up with prayer vigils being committed to all across this nation of ours.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could virtually hold a Foster Care Prayer Vigil?  Join with me on Monday, May 21st and use your blog to pray for children in the foster care system. And commit yourself and your family to continue to pray every evening that week.

Be The Mom in prayer, for those who have no mom.

Join with me on May 21st as my post becomes a prayer and I ask those who visit my blog to write a prayer in the comments.

Please register your own virtual Prayer Vigil by visiting the Cry of the Orphan website.

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