Foster Care Prayer Vigil – online

Welcome to Be the Mom, as I mentioned in my post titled, Foster Care Prayer Vigil  today my post is part of the prayer vigil for foster care children.  I am inviting you to offer up your own prayer in the comment section, or on your own blog as you join with me in the National Foster Prayer Vigil going on all this week.


Father God, I praise you and thank you that you are the Alpha and the Omega and that you know each of your children personally.  I thank you that spring reveals your glory, newness of life and new beginnings.

As I contemplate the fatherless, the thousands of orphans and foster children I find myself drowning in sadness for the ache that exists in each individual child.  Father God I ask that you would help each of those children feel your love and your hope. I pray that they would come to know you personally so their ache for love and acceptance may be filled by you.  Draw them to you. Grant them your tender grace and mercy.

Father may those that serve the fatherless be strengthened in their efforts, may you fill them with your Holy Spirit as they serve and love each child.  May you cause the hearts of many to be touched for the fatherless.  Whether personal lives need to be intertwined, monies need to be donated or prayers be lifted up, cause thousands to learn about the plight of the Fatherless and become involved in some way.  Turn knowledge into action, action for individual lives.

Bless all those who have opened their homes and hearts to the fatherless and provide for their needs, both emotional and financial in abundance.  Place in the hearts of many the desire to open their homes for the fatherless and grant them the courage and steadfastness to be obedient to your call.

As you hear the prayers on behalf of Foster Care children I pray that the church will rise up and offer safe havens, in loving homes, for Foster Care children and that love of a forever family will be freely and obediently given.  God cause a stirring and burden in your people that causes them to take steps to become involved.

Your word tells us that pure and undefiled religion is caring for the orphan and the widow…burden every believer to become your hands and heart in the care for the least of these.

May sacrificial giving of ourselves, our time, and treasures be a reality in the life of all believers.  May we study the life of Jesus daily and commit ourselves to living His example.  Forgive us our sinful, selfish nature and continue to teach us your ways.  Thank you for your forgiveness through Christ and I pray this is His name.

As moms, we pray for our children daily…now is your opportunity to pray for the fatherless… children alone. Since this is an attempt to hold an “on-line” prayer vigil for the fatherless I hope you will add your prayer in the comment section.

Whether in the comment section, or in your heart, will you commit to pray and Be The Mom for those who have no mom?

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