Happily Inadequate

I admit it – I am woefully inadequate.


Oh how that used to bother me.

A lot.

That is what is so very interesting about the work of the Holy Spirit and time spent reading God’s word. The more I read the Bible, the more I realize how far, far away my life is from the life of Christ.

I mean really, at every turn He willingly, with grace, put others before Himself and took time, lots of time, to love others – no matter their short comings, faults or wicked sins.

And then there’s me.

So easily aggravated by others, so “offended” and “put off” when things don’t go my way on any given day. Oh, I may be slick enough to keep my mouth shut, but the thoughts that skip through my head. Shameful.

Heavy sigh.

I think I understand now the true meaning of the phrase – “ignorance is bliss.” When I was a “casual Christian” I thought myself quite grand and well put together. I believed all the lies I had invented about myself.

As I have become a seeker of truth and spent time studying the Bible I have been reminded daily just how far from His ways my thought life can be. Which causes me all the more to pursue His grace and love – and freely offer it to others.

Recognizing my weakness helps me to see more clearly the strength I can possess when I am more like Christ.

I, left to my own devices, am happily inadequate.

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