Hearing God With Your Eyes

Have you noticed the birds?

At my home they are even singing at night, just outside my bedroom window.

Spring time is wonderfulness. An amazing reminder of God’s ability to make all things new! Baby birds in nests that mama birds have lovingly constructed.

I have already watched one group of babies grow and fly the nest and now a new group has shown up nearby – still in their eggs, with mama dutifully protecting.

Just this week I have seen a very large owl, palliated woodpeckers and a hawk. Each a gift, from above.

Yesterday we received a much needed rain shower and I went outside and sat on my porch for nearly an hour and just listened and watched.

The birds were frolicking in the water puddles and I sat in wonder just soaking it all in. I saw robins, cardinals, finches, a beautiful small yellow bird, little red birds, a blue bird and various other wondrous flying friends.

Have you slowed down this week to take in God’s glory?

Most days we have our agendas and we are too hurried to take notice.

I can remember when my children were very young we used to take long leisurely walks that included lots of curious questions and many “oohs and aahs” as we explored the wonder of God’s creation.

With or without little ones in tow…taking the time to soak in His simple pleasures in life, gifted to us, is a wonderful habit to cultivate.

Go ahead…let the “to do” list remain unmarked and plop yourself on the porch and hear God’s voice with your eyes.

And if you are very quiet as you drift off to sleep, you too may be blessed with a night song.

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