Wedding Coordinator Observations

Over the weekend I had the joy of serving a friend as the wedding coordinator for her daughter’s wedding. I have had lots of experience through the years as a party planner, wedding planner, but as of late I “gift” my services to those I love because it blesses me tremendously to see a peaceful mother and a happy bride!

As I sat on my back deck today praying for the new bride and groom I had several snapshots of the day click through my head.

  • the bride and her mother and attendants getting ready before the wedding, seeing that nervous anticipation on the bride’s face…and remembering my own
  • the groom’s look of awe as I told him – five minutes before “first look” photo’s
  • the prayers of my 16 year old boy work crew as we were preparing for the out door reception while the ceremony was taking place
  •  the sun bursting forth the moment the bride and groom stepped out of the church (answered prayer – the forecast was 70% chance of thunderstorms)
  • the father of the bride singing as his daughter had the first dance with her husband
  • the contented look of the mother of the bride as she stood by throughout the day, a short distance away, watching and relishing the joy of her daughter no doubt realizing a season has passed
  • the bride stooping down to talk with a wide eyed five year old little girl who saw standing before her a princess of fairy tale proportions
  • a weary groom, patiently waiting to steal his bride away from chatting wedding guests and carry her to her surprise honeymoon destination
  • the final goodbye’s of the parents of the groom and parents of the bride before they ran out of the church into a sea of bubbles

Weddings are glorious. Marriage is difficult.

My prayer is that this sweet couple will spend everyday dying to self, for that is truly the secret behind the “I do” … “for as long as you both shall live.”



  1. Suzanne says

    You’re so funny! You had me eating out of your hand all the way! Weddings are glorious. Marriage is difficult. And, the bubble burst!

  2. says

    Weddings are glorious. Marriage is difficult. Well said.
    Young love is precious but old love is a treasure….may that be theirs!
    Thanks for your writings!

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