Blueberry n Blackberry Bliss!

I just had to share the joy and happiness I am experiencing swimming in a sea of berries!

Saturday morning and this morning I spent several hours at the berry patch – that is a mere five miles from my home! I know…how blessed am I? I truly think gathering berries is a Creator/created experience and I am in a state of constant thanksgiving as I harvest the little balls of sugary goodness He so graciously provides.

I find myself thanking Him over and over as I gently grasp blue berry after blue berry and gleefully drop them into my quickly filling bucket! I enjoy the early morning sounds of birds chirping all around me, I enjoy the colors of the berries – deep purples, soft blues, grayish blues, soft pinks, the fresh green hues that promise to turn the beautiful blues I search for – an artistic combination of lovely blueberry colors!

Then there’s the blackberries – they make my mouth water because I so love blackberries. Having been given official permission to eat as many as I’d like while I pluck…I find myself torn between which plump juicy blackberries to toss into my mouth and which to lovingly place in my bucket! The blackberries are sometimes so large they look as if they are about to burst – those usually find their way to my watering mouth. There are little round ones and some very large nearly bursting they are so filled with happiness! I enjoy seeing a bush covered with red blackberries as it gives me hope that I can return a week from now and they will be blackberry joy…and ready to find their way into my mouth – or, I mean…bucket! Every little scratch on my hand and arms is worth it as I weave my fingers through and around the prickles to grasp each mouthwatering blackberry. So yumular!

And yes…Saturday night – and tonight – our family (and the four extra teens here for dinner) enjoyed some seriously sublime blueberry cobbler. I made one for the sweet widow who lives just down the road – hers will be delivered tomorrow and I can’t wait to give it to her!

The blackberries – those we are putting on cereal, in fruit salads, on ice cream – and tomorrow night…blackberry pie! With my grandmothers homemade crust! Oh yeah!!! Can’t wait.

Is your mouth watering?

Even if you have to take a bit of a drive – I strongly suggest you make your way to a berry patch. I am sure you too will love time with your Creator/Provider! And then you too can spend time in your kitchen creating some culinary joy!



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