Summer Teen Zombie Apocalypse Invasion

Not really, but when you write a post about teens it just seems the words Zombie Apocalypse should be in the title! (If you have teens you know I’m right.)

“Ahh, that’s the best ever, thank you Mrs. Eyster!” was repeated about 15 times this morning…and again a few hours later.

I learned years ago the truth that my wonderful friend Gina recently shared, about the importance of allowing your home to be a fun hang out for your children and their friends.

We had four teen boys spend the night last night and this morning they were up and gone by 5:00 a.m. for a morning hike with a dozen other friends. I let my son know they could all come back here after for breakfast.

So a triple batch of pancakes later – and a quickly baked coffee cake, cut up fruit and two dozen biscuits all washed down with orange juice and coffee later the group was fed and then looking for more fun.

The morning activities included basketball, guitar playing, singing, checking out each others rides, some airsoft battles, some eno relaxation, Frisbee, spoons (card game) and lots of laughter. I delighted in hearing the “I love you’s” being called out as various teens left the festivities to head back home for family or work plans.

Of course they needed a snack so mid-morning I cooked a giant batch of popcorn and they drank tons of water – yeah, I am a mean mom that doesn’t serve soda. But they readily accept that fact and happily guzzle pitchers of ice cold water!

Truly, no matter how much “trouble” it is…you need to make your home a place filled with loose rules, ample “to do” options and lots of good food.

I started when they were young and have continued to provide fun at our home, so I want to encourage you to do the same so when your little’s are teens the relationships in your home will continue!

With their friends…and with you!


Be The Mom…and you too will hear repeated over and over, “Thank you – you’re the best!” as your home empties … and then you can write a post about it to encourage other moms!

I’m just sayin…


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