Widows Voice

Are you weary today? I know you have had lots of “to do’s” – that is a given for any mom.

Has it been a long week of caring for the needs of your family and the endless upkeep of your home?

Did you have those MOMents were you just wanted to scream and run away? The frustration, the unending needs, the having so much to do that you didn’t have time to even take a breath.

I met someone today…a mom, who is alone with her children. Her husband unexpectedly died two years ago.

It is interesting to me that our conversation was filled with her heartfelt plea that moms would understand that they spend far too much time doing things that don’t really matter.   Her heart is to let the rest of us know that the time we have each day would be better spent with our family rather than busying ourselves creating the “perfect” meal or the “perfect” home.

She wished she had back the hours spent on such things realizing now that the “being” is so much more important than the “doing.”

Would you listen to her heartfelt plea? Would you stop and consider the hours in your day and how many of them are spent interacting with your family? Maybe you need to put at the very top of your “to do” list – Be more, do less.

And though you don’t know her name, would you pray for this widow and the other widows out there who are trying to do it all alone?



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