Dizzy Kids A Real Danger

Are your kids a bit too dizzy?

It happens you know.

At least, it happens to my kids!

When the world begins to revolve around them and their wants and needs being met.

All that world spinning leads to dizzy, which leads to a real danger for your kids – and every person who will be a part of their lives, like…forever.

I get it.

I have done it.

I know all the reasons.

  • It’s easier to keep the peace if you just give them what they want.
  • You want your kid to be happy.
  • You want your kid to have it better than you did.
  • Everyone else does it.
  • You can afford it, so why not.
  • You can make it happen, so you do.

Apply brakes here.

Stop that world from spinning right around that adorable child of yours and ponder, “By giving my kid all that my kids heart desires what am I teaching my kid?”

You are teaching him, “I matter most.”

The exact opposite of what we are called to teach our children.

When my husband and I recognized that attitude rearing it’s ugly head in our children – we found a fun way to defuse the situation. We simply asked, “Hey, are you getting dizzy?”

We explained that little “the world revolving around you” analogy and they got it and the friendly question worked. It still does.

Consistently teaching our children is hard and sometimes they get tired of being taught by us constantly, so rather than being serious all the time I am challenging you to come up with ways to teach in a lighthearted manner.

I would love to hear some of the ways you have taken a tough lesson and made it more light hearted – please share what has worked for you!



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