Get The Grime Out – Mop Optional

“Why would you mop the floor…it doesn’t even look dirty?  Besides, it’s just gonna get dirty again?”

I giggled and kept my head down, steady on the task.

My son had just moved all the furniture out of my way and vacuumed the kitchen floor, it was now up to me to do my part of the shared chore.

I must admit, for a few seconds I considered his point of view. It really didn’t look dirty.

But I knew it was.

We live on a little ranch – two horses, a barn, lots of dirt and lots of teens (and adults) in and out a lot.

So, even though that floor may not look dirty, it is – lots has been tracked back and forth and carried in and out.

As I was bent over scrubbing I literally laughed and said out loud, “I need a good mopping – I’m a dirty mess myself.”

I may not always look it, but lots has been tracked back and forth through my head and carried in and out by my tongue – as it plots destruction.

Just like that kitchen floor, if I do the “light work” and only vacuum a bit here and there (which I equate to sitting in the pews and listening) the job is not done. Oh, I might get some surface cleaning done, and I still look pretty clean, but the ground in dirt is still there.

To get to the real grime that is in me, that deep rooted sin nature, that’s going to require some scrubbing, lots of scrubbing – sitting down and spending time with God. Reading the Bible, praying, listening…keeping my head down, steady on the task.

No mop required, but much harder work.

(God amazes me when He takes the simple daily tasks of my life and infuses His thoughts into me – share a time when He has done the same for YOU!)


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