Phooey on Tight Schedules

If you are an anal retentitve list keeper that must get lots accomplished to feel happy and secure – you may want to close your eyes, or click away, or be prepared to start laughing. This is not your kinda post – but then again, maybe that’s exactly why you should keep reading.

You see, I am guest posting over at Family Matters Blog and as a recovering Busy Mom myself – I decided to share my “take” on summer time schedules. Or should a say non-schedules.

Summer time and the living is….fun, memory filled, light heartedness, jammies, random this and that…oh yeah, I so totally went there.

If you are not sure what fun looks like for your crew, then brainstorm with your family. Pose the question, “If you could have free time to do whatever you wanted what three things would you like to do before the end of the summer?” Then…

For the full post on enjoying a laid back summer click through to Family Matters blog and read more!

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