Random Observations

Time flies when you are hearing truth.

A couple days with little time in front of a computer is a beautiful thing.

Prayer lifted up together for others is somehow sweeter.

Conversations with people you haven’t bumped into in a while brings much happiness!

Cold, cold, cold water, quenching my thirst…is the best ever.

My sons smile…melts my mom heart.

God truly gifts some with amazing talents and witnessing their obedient and brave use of those talents inspires me.

Those who forego adult time to help with childcare…are very special people.

Some days snacks really matter.

Kind, encouraging words from friends are a gynormous blessing.

When my husband flirts with me it makes my day.

Sharing laughter with friends makes the laughter even better.

When sitting and listening, it’s still fun to pass notes.

Conversations with young children reminds me to always tell it like it is – they sure do!

My daughter is constantly in my thoughts…even when she is away from home.

I delight in juicy, crunchy, shiny apples.

Husbands and sons who enjoy “quickie meals” bless me.

On days I don’t get to hike I want to pout and complain…but I won’t.

Realizing God loves me, no matter what, is overwhelming.

Tonight crawling into bed will be especially magnificent.


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