Runaway Mom

I am almost embarrassed to admit it – I have thought of running away before. I say “almost” embarrassed, because more than likely you have had those same thoughts.

Sometimes the daily assault on self is more than we can handle as moms. Being responsible for and constantly caring for our children can cause us to just want to escape and care for ourselves. Yes, I have had those fleeting thoughts. But then again anytime I constantly think of myself I can have some pretty rediculous self focused notions.

I am so weary, so tired, frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed out, put out, worn out – I can’t take this anymore! How many times a week have I uttered those thoughts?

You know what I mean, how often do I wear that attitude? What effect does that attitude have on my children? I am convinced that my daily life with my children teaches them how to react to their world.  They model behavior they learn from me, from you.  So…

I hope you will join me over at MomLife Today where I give you some helpful hints on how to change your attitude and live with joy!

For the record friends, I think God knows exactly what He is doing to moms – getting us to the end of ourselves so we will runaway…to Him.


  1. Gena says

    I’m joining the camp contest–have liked/ followed the Be The Mom and Pine Cove sites.

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