From Ugly To Holy

I was fuming.

Smoke emitting from my ears.

Teeth clinched. Eyes narrowed.

I have confessed that I can be “ugly” – well, ugly was rearing its…ugly head. (There’s no better way to say that.)

Allow me to assure you that if I were a two year old I would have stomped through the family room, thrown myself on the floor and had myself a little on the spot hissy fit.

And no, I am not talking about something that occurred “recently” I am talking about something that occurred…yesterday.


Then I heard my own words float through my head, Be The Mom, Chapter Three – Me Mom Trap, something about when the word “I” is muttered a lot I am trapped, wanting my own way, with a very bad attitude and need to snap out it.

Nice advice.

However, I did not want to adjust my ugly attitude.

I wanted to wallow in my ugly attitude.

Heavy sigh.

I battled for a bit, many minutes…too many minutes.

I heard the familiar whisper, the ugly was being challenged by the Holy. I quietly started reciting various Bible verses, then I had a little discussion with God, then I pulled out my Bible and read a bit. Then I prayed. Then I told my selfish little self to simmer down and recognize that I do not always get my way.

Dang…life is hard.

Yes, the rest of my day sure was a lot better…when I let go of ugly me and clung to the Holy One.

Life is a series of small choices, those choices mold us and because we are moms they mold our children.


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    Tracey, thank you for your transparency! I listened to you on Focus on the Family and loved your interview. It was very encouraging to me as a mom of four little ones. The part about folding towels really hit me, and I was reminded to rely on the Holy Spirit in my mothering. Thank you also for commenting on my blog and putting my post on your facebook page when I first started my blog. I was still figuring out the technological side of blogging (still am :)) thing and I never responded, so THANK YOU for your encouraging words. Blessings! Looking forward to reading your book!

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    It’s refreshing to read the words of another “real” mom living through the small everyday struggles! Thank you! I “liked” the Pine Cove & Be the Mom Facebook pages and followed Pine Cove & Momblog on Twitter (@247mama).

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