Gratitude and MOPS Convention

I am beyond filled with gratitude to the Lord for His goodness and to so many of you for your encouraging words!

Late last night we returned from our family vacation, so needless to say my sparse posts and social media presence last week were for that very reason! I thought it divinely ironic that my book release and radio program with Focus on the Family would be while I was on vacation! I didn’t even get to hear the broadcast – I was was too busy doing what I have been called to do…Be The Mom!  :0)

It filled me with such joy to check my inbox a couple of times (while hiding in the bathroom at night) and see many encouraging comments and notes from moms from all over! A big thanks to my sweet friend Katie who was trying hard to keep up with your comments while I was away!

I had big plans today to send notes out to those who have sent me well wishes and shared with me how the book and my radio interview has blessed you….but then life happened.  You may recall we made the decision to home school our sixteen year old this year, so I spent the day filling out forms, making sure I had books and such, going over the calendar and curriculum – tomorrow I go for a Home Ed meeting, and wow summer is over I think!

My son is very excited – as are we! We continue to get confirmation that we have made the right choice for his education by bringing him home! We start a week from today! Thankfully there’s a local Homeschool Co-Op for him to take math, science and spanish! I can manage the rest!

I leave Thursday to attend the National MOPS convention and I am SO EXCITED about that! If you are going to be there PLEASE come say Hi to me at the Focus on the Family booth Thursday night from 8:30 – 11:00 and join us for a fantastically fun-filled bubble party! Oh yeah!

Then Friday I will be at the Tyndale booth doing a book signing and then a live Facebook Party from the convention!

I have some wonderful stories to share with you about Pine Cove camp and all the fun my family had while there! Amazing friends made, much ministry done and I actually had some awesome share time with a big group of moms who were just so very encouraging and kind! Several asked me to sign and their books and I couldn’t stop giggling!

God is great, God is good and I thank Him!


  1. says

    Tracy, I’m typing this with one hand as I nurse my fourth child who is four weeks old. The others are 6, 4, and 2. So needless to say, when the focus on the family broadcast came on the other night (while I was bouncing a gassy baby and chanting “this too shall pass! This too shall pass!”) I got teary eyed as I heard you describe that moment on the stairs where you and your babies were all crying at once. I ate up every word of both broadcasts and have been devouring your old blog posts while I nurse since then. This is why: I am a “Martha” through and through and highly gifted at To-Do lists….all the while kicking myself for not BEING with my kids more. Although the Lord has been speaking to me for years about “being” more than “doing, your story of the widow, the challenge to have “To-Be” lists, the encouragement to have fun, etc…it’s all been so timely for this weary heart. I have been thinking differently the last several days and suddenly find joking, funny things come out of my mouth when before I would have been too quick to get stern. I played Lego today while my unfolded laundry sat (and still sits) on the couch..and I was the one who dumped it on the floor! All this is just to say THANKS for being faithful with the message God has given you: I am one of those moms out there that received from Jesus because of your courage and obedience! Bless you!

    • Tracey says

      I am crying…oh Jacki…thank you for taking the time to share with me how God is using my heart words to minister to your mom heart! I am overcome with His goodness. I just read your comment to my hubby through my tears and he said, “That’s it right there, that makes it all worth it even if there is no other comment”…I agreed. Let me ASSURE you, really ASSURE you that how you spend your time each matters SO MUCH as your children continue to grow up…time is your most precious commodity – invest your time wisely each day! And yes, yes, yes – giggle more! Big HUG!!!

      • says

        Hehe – you can imagine my bleary-eyed surprise to see my name on your blog this morning! I am quite certain I am speaking for many more moms out there whose hands are too full to type a comment, and when they’re not, they are quickly scarfing down something to eat! . 🙂 BIG hug right back at you! Gotta go be the mom now…

  2. Michele Mobley says

    I am so very thankful for your broadcast with Focus on the Family. I am a mother of two children, Hannah (3) and Benjamin (2). I relate to what you shared about your surprise of being pregnant. After 9 years of marriage with no pregnancies, we divinely adopted Hannah, bringing her home from the hospital and then discovering a month later that I was pregnant with Benjamin! They are exactly 8 1/2 months apart which makes for fun conversation in the grocery store! I truly love each day I spend with them, yet surprised by how overwhelmed I can become with motherhood. I thought I was cut out for this call, yet nothing has exposed the weaknesses of my flesh as motherhood. So, thank you for being vulnerable to share your experiences and your heart, while offering sound and practical encouragement and advice – heart motivated! I am refreshed and encouraged and thankful for the sufficiency of God’s grace and mercy, to Be the Mom! Blessings abundant to you.

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