MOPS Glide Through Texas

Moms are amazing.

I spent the last three days with about 2,000 of them at the National MOPS convention at the Gaylord in Dallas, Texas…and it was simply marvy!

These ladies work diligently all year long to be supportive and provide wisdom to moms all over the world through their own MOPS groups.

When I had preschoolers I attended MOPS and as they grew older I was invited to speak at several – if you have preschoolers and are not part of a MOPS group, you should be! For those of you who no longer have preschoolers MOPS groups are always in need of mentor moms!

Isn’t it beyond awesome that an outreach started by moms, for moms, is having such an impact on moms and their children? It sure excites me and it was a huge blessing to see all these moms in action while celebrating the role of motherhood!

All around me moms were being supportive of each other, most reconnecting after a year as they serve all around the country and gather at this convention each year. It really made my heart happy to be there.

And wow, were they an encouragement to me. Mom after mom who heard a bit about my story and realized I was a first time author, instantly became cheerleaders and started rooting me on and showering me with encouragement.

It was divinely sweet.

These MOPS moms have hearts as big as Texas – that’s for daggum sure!


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    Tracey – and those moms were blessed to have YOU with them, too. I’m almost done with your book. And, let me just say…moms need to read it! Why do I know this? Because I’m a mom and it blessed my socks off.

    Praying it blesses lots of other moms socks off too!

    Hugs, Joanne

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    I live 10 minutes from the Gaylord!!!!! I so with I could have been there to hear your sessions!!! My daughter is only one…but I’d consider that “pre” school! 😉 I really need to get involved in a MOPS group though. I’ll have to find one in my area soon.

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