Tween Help

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with an amazing mother daughter team who is burdened to help moms know how to speak into the lives of their tweens.

In this digital age you better believe the culture is coming after your tweens, marketers are spending some $43 billion to influence your tween. As a result the definition of a tween is getting younger and younger. A phenomenon known as “age compression” is occurring whereby what used to be promoted and marketing to kids that were older teens, is now being marketing to tweens and even those kids still in elementary school.

That’s nuts!

What’s a mom to do?

Find resources that help in understanding what is going on in our culture and find Godly wisdom on how to come against the pull of society.

That’s where Brenda Hunter, Ph.D. and her daughter Kristen Blair come in – this mother daughter duo have the knowledge and the passion to help you navigate these tween years…that may already be affecting your elementary age kids!

I hope you will enjoy meeting them here and then really learning what they have to say by visiting their website, From Santa to Sexting!

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