Cinderella Mom Finds Prince Charming

All around me there were men looking rather dapper in their suits and ties, most with a healthy pink glow on their faces due to the afternoon hiking fun they had just enjoyed with their wives.

Their smiles were extra broad as they glided through the room accompanied by their beloved wives dressed in feminine loveliness.  Excitement was in the air as we were gathering for our dinner in the large dining room.

Tables of eight were laden with fresh tablecloths, china, silverware, but the finery on the table paled in comparison to the fine couples seated around them.  Conversation came easily, even though most of these married couples had just met each other.  There is something about a common experience that brings people together in expectant anticipation.

These thirty couples had gathered to invest in and celebrate their marriage.  The weekend had been spent learning more about how to be an attentive spouse, the hours set aside for each couple to explore God’s creation and each other afforded the long over due re-melding of hearts, without distraction.

After dinner there was music, then as if some distant voice beckoned them the men excused themselves and left the room.  Each Cinderella sat contentedly listening to the music, no doubt curious, yet at ease while wondering to where her prince charming had slipped away.

Then quietly each man entered the room carrying a rose and a covenant vow on paper.  Instantly it was evident their chests were somehow broader, their countenance revealing more confidence.  Each man knelt before his bride and the whispers of “Will You Marry Me…Again” were wafting through the room with a melody whose enjoy ability far surpassed the guitarists offerings.

Eyes were moist, smiles were warm, nuzzling, giggling and heart sighs were filling the room with a sweetness that caused me to softly weep.  My man, with his golden eyes and boyish grin was a member of this gentlemanly chorus and I became keenly aware that individually and collectively we were all part of something uniquely poetic.

Every woman longs to be adored.

Every man longs to be a hero.

On this night, in this room, a covenant vow spoken from him to her and then her to him revealed to me afresh that abiding love needs to be revealed, remembered and rekindled.

Oh how the enemy revels in keeping us all too busy to make time for such intentional acts of romance.

If your heart longs for an evening like this with your husband, don’t wait for twenty- nine other couples, nor should you wait for him to make it happen.  You can make it happen, in your own creative way – with a joy filled heart.

I encourage you to set the stage for your own evening of romance, to prepare words of affirmation for your man and to make rekindling your abiding love a gift that you will choose to give to him, to each other…and to your children.

Cinderella didn’t wait in the ashes for her Prince to come to her, she put herself together and went to the ball…expectant at what her reflection in his eyes would do to his heart…and hers.

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