Random MOMents – Summer Memory Gratitude Edition

Well, summertime is officially over.
And that got me to thinking about summer and lots of sweet memories began tumbling through my head – which led to me feeling immeasurably grateful.
Which led to this list of Random MOMents I am grateful for from this summer:
  • witnessing selflessness in college students
  • the warmth of sunshine
  • the warmth of sonshine
  • chocolate lava cake
  • making new friends
  • cooling breezes
  • giggles of little ones
  • my man flirting with me
  • scripture being read out loud by young voices
  • a little girls dream becoming a reality
  • tiny hands being held by very large hands
  • cooking with my girl
  • my sons amazing ability to chop veggies
  • lives intersecting…and the assurance that God purposed meetings occur for His glory
  • friends who believe, support and cheer
  • God’s unmerited grace
  • “do nothing” days
  • yogurt in a cup, a walk through a small Texas town and friends who love deeply
  • conversation that goes deep
  • pain revealing trust in Him
  • seeing long braids and remembering when my hands used to create them
  • enjoying meals I did not prepare or clean up
  • big daddies remembering how to be little boys
  • guests who know they can stay at our home, and do
  • a deep chuckle behind loving blue eyes
  • cowboy boots strewn about the mudroom
  • ice cold water
  • Daddy’s tomatoes
  • Momma’s green tomato relish
  • friendship getting hard, pressing into it and friendship getting sweeter
  • curious horses that bend to the hand of their master – and the lesson in that
  • prayers uttered that reveal a trusted relationship
  • dust covered hiking boots
  • sweat soaked t-shirts
  • searing heat, abated by cool air conditioning
  • dancing with teens
  • Pine Cove
  • sunsets gloriously created by the Creator…that reveal
  • meals on the back deck
  • letting go
  • guitar music and soft singing to Him
  • laughter and gentle eyes
  • quiet time observed in young heads bent over His word
  • a simple life
  • a big God

Anticipating His autumn for us!

Share some of your Random MOMents with me, or create your own list and provide a link…so I can come visit and enjoy it!

Hugs and joy!

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