West Nile Virus Attack

Hey Friends,

My husband is crazy sick with West Nile Virus – this stuff is awful!  I won’t be around this week.  I am taking care of my man!

I had to drop by though just to tell you to WEAR BUG SPRAY and put it on all the members of your family.  I know the chance of getting West Nile Virus is slim…but trust me you do not want anyone you love to get it.

My husband is a big o tough guy and this has knocked him flat for a week! I am talking chills, sweats, fever, major headache, body rash, pain, aches…awful! Big man taken down by a tiny little mosquito. He said he would have much preferred a shark attack or wrestling with an alligator – at least then he would have a better story to tell. (Doesn’t that sound like a man?!)

Since I won’t be posting much here for a bit…click on a tab above and find an old post that will bless you…and pass it along to a friend. For those of you whose kids just left for college (or if you have friends with kids who just left for college) find a post in “college age kids” – I read through a few of them myself cause I needed the encouragement as Samara went back off to school!

Anywho…have a blessed week and remember bug spray!

Blessings and hugs to you as you Be The Mom!


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    Your husband’s fight with WNV sound pretty scary. May be an indication that this illness is on the rise, particularly in a future that suggests a general climatic change toward higher temperatures in more areas. Stay healthy!

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