Driving At Age Ten! What?

I am absolutely at a loss for words {well, not really-since I am writing about it} that parents would allow their ten year old to drive!

Has the world gone mad?

I still cannot quite figure out how it happened. I mean heck, they can barely see over the steering wheel. I think some of them have got to be using booster seats while driving. They look so grown up sitting behind that wheel. It is so cute!

Their parents are so proud too, taking pictures and bragging to others about the cars they are purchasing for their kids so they can fit in and be just like sixteen year olds.

I can’t for the life of me figure out how so many parents can afford the cars or why they would want their ten year olds to have one. Seems to me they have a lot more growing up to do before they should be trusted behind the wheel of a car.

Which actually got me to thinking…are their kids really even safe with a car of their own? Isn’t it kind of dangerous to put a 2,500 pound weapon in the hands of a ten year old?

Join me over at FamilyMatters Blog to to read the rest of the words that I obviously was not at a loss for – I got plenty to say on the subject!

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