Sacrifice & Homecoming Ignored!

I am sitting in an airport…crying.

While the world around me continues to turn and people scurry.

The escalators before me carry travelers, many, many travelers.  Face after face coming down the escalator appears weary and laden down with heavy loads – and not just in their arms.

Just moments ago I watched a woman of 40 something bounce up and down and squeal in excitement, there on the down escalator was a younger version of her bouncing up and down.  They nearly bumped over the serious faced businessman as they ran to embrace…more jumping and squealing.  I imagined what great adventure the daughter might be returning from…or coming to.  Planning a wedding, coming home from a mission trip? No matter, I was permitted to share in their joy, if only for a moment and it brought a smile to my face.

What I witnessed next caused me to cry…a single tear sliding down my right cheek.

There seemed to be a heavenly spot light on the scene before me… a large black man in uniform is handed his son of two – who looks like a mini version of the handsome man in his fatigues.  The woman standing next to him with her smooth black skin in stark contrast to the bright pink she is wearing has tears streaming down her beautiful and radiant face.  In a singular moment of divine purpose she lovingly handed her husband their son and she gently laid her head on his chest, he clutched his child in one arm and wrapped his other strong arm around his wife.  I was struck by the reality that those life protecting arms that have valiantly fought for freedoms abroad now gently encircle precious loved ones here at home.

Time seemed to stand still…her lips were moving, as she whispered words of love. They appear to be words for her Father in Heaven – grateful words of praise and thanksgiving.

Though it was hard – I tore my eyes away from this intimate scene taking place in the middle of a loud, bustling airport.  I was struck by the fact that no one around seemed aware of the monumental scene that had just played out before me.

I too joined in the uttering of prayers for this gratefully whole reunited family.

Will you too take a moment to pray for those who serve us, and their families?


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    I am an army brat.

    Thank you for remembering that it is not just the men who serve who give up their lives for our country. It is the wifes, children, and family back home who do too.

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