Wanna See This Moms Messy Room?

My bedroom is a disaster area.

There.  I.  Said.  It.

Out loud.

Yes, that is a photo of the Eyster master bedroom- in all its glory. (Or unglory!)

As you can see my bedroom has become the dumping ground. You can’t see what’s at my feet –  the two baskets of “this and that” or the stack of books or piles of clothes. And no I’m not sure why there is a bike in my bedroom.

And yes, I know the many reasons why my bedroom should not look like that.  I have even advised others to always keep their bedroom a “safe haven” and an oasis for the marital relationship.

Life happens.

You feel me?

I want a clean and tidy house and it mostly is…but that bedroom of mine just continuously seems to get piles.  We live in our home, I mean really live in our home – and it’s small.  So in order for us, and guests, to fit we have to have no clutter in the living portions of our home.  So when a project is left to sit, or laundry has not been folded, or books have not been read, or a suitcase has not been unpacked, or “give away” items have not left the homestead…you got it – it all gets parked in our bedroom.

Thankfully one of my fall projects (that used to be a summer project-yeah, uh huh) is to “un-stuff” our home and I have started (and WILL complete – the capital letters are assurance of that…in theory) so maybe by December 1st I can reveal a newly uncluttered bedroom.

Heavy sigh.

I just felt the need to share, because at times moms think that everyone else has it all together when really they don’t, they just hide the mess. And I hope you know I am also making a metaphor here…we all hide more than messy bedrooms.

If you have a mess in your life you need to reveal to someone, I’d like to help.  Send me a note in my contact box, I would be blessed to pray for you and contact you with some encouragement.

Now…here’s another fun idea.

Yeah, fun is what I’m calling it.

I double dog dare you to share your hidden “mess” at home by exposing your mess to a friend or send it to me by snapping a photo! Or I would be happy to visit you on your own blog, or on your Facebook page if you wanna share it there. (Just leave a link in my comment section and I, and everyone else who is reading this, will hop on over!)

Realize sharing your own mess will help us all (and I mean me) feel better about ourselves!




  1. Jo Nagorka says

    Hi Tracey! You are my hero! I love reading your thoughts on family and life, and I am so happy to know I’m not the only one who has this going on! Just got Sam off to school, on my way to work, and I’m staring down 3 baskets of unfolded laundry that’s been sitting there for about a week ( or more if you want the truth!) thanks for making my day! Xoxo Jo

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