For Men Only, Sort Of

If you are like me you are sort of the “gate keeper” in your home.

Actually, it’s a well known fact by all marketers that you and I are the one’s who generally decide what is coming into our home, what our families are going to participate in, purchase, attend, visit, etc. (Assuming you are a chick – if you are one of the few dudes who read my blog – you need to keep reading too, this really is for YOU!)

You get the idea ladies, actually you live the idea – so I know you get it!

Well, as the gate keeper, if you have been looking for something that would “speak” to your husband and encourage and challenge him, in a good way, I would like you to take a look at the video at the bottom of the post I wrote Monday over at MomLife Today.

On Super Bowl Saturday (the day before the Super Bowl) there are groups of men around the country (world) gathering to watch a simulcast about how to Step Up and Be The Man!


If your man can’t be part of this February 2nd event, no matter – he can get his own copy of the video series and do it by himself, with a gathering of men and/or with his own teenage son and their friends.

Many men watch Hollywood’s version of being a man, this gate keeper looks for any opportunity to have the men in my life watch God’s truth about Stepping Up to be a man. And there are not too many of those opportunities out there!

If you have an interest in this and you have any questions, please ask away.  I really believe in the content of this video event … it’s like a teaching tape on steroids because it is very engaging and inspiring.

My son and his friends gave up social events to continue watching this series and a group of guys my daughter attends college with went through the video series and they are planning a college wide guys event around it this semester.

It’s that good!

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