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Feeling overwhelmed today? Wishing you could hang out with friends or co-workers more and have some fun? Do thoughts of days free to do whatever you want skip through your mind? Is having time to yourself at the top of your bucket list? If you are familiar with me, you no doubt know that the next words typed on this page will include encouragement that what you do as a mom matters! A reminder that your momlife is important! You are molding children, and being molded yourself, for God’s purposes. Yes, it is hard, but it is worth it. Far sooner than you realize you will long for time with your children, because as they get older your time with them gets less and less, then they have flown the nest and you truly do miss the joy and livelihood they bring to your home. Hearing that from me is expected, but it does seem lately we are hearing that message from some unlikely sources. Recently, television personality Sharon Osbourne from The Talk and America’s Got Talent shared that she regretted the time not spent with her children. She readily admitted she was too focused on self and did not take advantage of the time she had with her kids. She has regrets. Just last week Bob Beckel from The Five shared his heart on how his son leaving for college has impacted him and saddened him on a heart level. He admonished parents to spend time with their children and recognize that the old adage, “time flies and before you know it, they will be gone” is true. In the fall of 2012 a well known feminist wrote an article that frustrated and angered some of her peers as she lamented opportunities lost in her children’s life and stated that “you can have it all” is untrue – something will suffer. So moms, regardless of your daily responsibilities my heart for you is that you take the time, somehow – someway, to intentionally spend time with your children and build a relationship. We all make time for that which we place high value in – I hope and pray you place value in spending meaningful time with your child. An overwhelmed mom hungers for more, different, a break from the grind. Might I suggest the break from the grind are the little people right there in your care. Embrace where you are right now, realize it will be over before you know it and while here build relationship with your children. Make memories, have fun, “be” more and “do” less. When it becomes too much and you get to the end of yourself – that’s a good thing, designed by God to cause you to seek Him, cling to Him and grow in Him. Overwhelmed moms … take a deep breath, accept the season of life you are in, go with the flow, giggle more, seek relationship and life will be sweeter.


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    This is a beautiful reminder to enjoy the gifts we’ve been given. I love how you said our kids can be the break we need from the grind – so true! I’m so glad I am learning this now with baby #4 – it’s really never too late!

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    Thank you for always giving such encouragement! By-the-way, I read your book, Be The Mom, and oh my word!!!!! It was fantastic! I have passed it on to 2 other moms and they have said the same thing! Thank you 🙂

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