MOB’s, Listen Up!

That little boy of mine, the one that used to beat on the front the door with his tiny little palm and chant, “outside, outside, outside” – yeah that one, he is over six feet tall now.

The little dimples that have always winked at me when he smiles, still do. Somehow because he is headed towards manhood, they are even more adorable now than they used to be.  Perched up there above the scraggly beard.

One day last week, with his green eyes twinkling he asked, “Mom, how about we go out to dinner and a movie this weekend?  Just you and me!”

My mom heart swelled.

Then I asked, “Are you messin with me?” You see, over the years we have done many date nights, but they were pretty much always initiated by me.

“No…I’m serious, I really want to!”

Yet another sign the little boy is becoming a thoughtful young man.

On Saturday night as we walked out to the car, he opened my car door – a slight grin on his face, as I delighted in his gentlemanly gesture he rolled his eyes just a tinge and grinned – his dimples in all their glory.

The “treat her like a lady” remembrances (so well learned through the years) were practiced throughout the night.  Dinner conversation was easy, sweet and silly, as was the movie. The easy going flow of the night was delightful.

That rough and tumble, dirty, all things outdoors, big burly and manly boy of mine brings me such joy—and hope for his future.

As I sit here remembering my special date I am burdened anew with the desire to help younger mothers embrace the truth that it really does help navigate the teen years when you have made it your practice to be intentional, be relational and be selfless with your children.

I also am reflecting on the tears shared just yesterday with a precious friend who lost her son a few years ago – she mentioned to me she so wished moms would realize that the little stuff that can consume our every day doesn’t matter, our kids matter.

Sweet moms, set aside the “to do” list and embrace the “to be” MOMents – make the time to be the mom.

And you just might find yourself with an amazing dinner date that is sportin a scraggly beard… and trust me, that day will arrive much sooner than you might imagine!


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    Very well stated and encouraging, my son is only 2 now (and a daughter who’s 1) but praying and fighting to be intentional now and enjoy my little ones. This post made my heart smile 🙂

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