Mom Waste Of Time

Throughout my life keeping busy and being productive with my time has been a welcomed trait, one that has served me well.

It is almost as if I have this little “I am wasting time here” meter going off in my head at any given moment and thus I strive hard not to be unproductive.  Do you feel me here? Are you nodding in agreement?

Let us continue our back patting of our profound ability to accomplish!  Yay us!

As a born “organizer” have you too found yourself seeking to find the fastest, most efficient way to get any task completed and then get after it with gusto? Exhilarating isn’t it? At times I have even been referred to as “anal retentive” which is all the more celebrated because it causes me to get the job done!

When I was a professional I prided myself in my ability to juggle several projects at once and prove my worth based on my efficiency.

But at some point…all that seemed to change.

A beautiful thing happened through my life being radically turned upside down and I altered my requirement for constant doing. Doing was for me. My priorities changed…from me to she and he. Because, I became a mom!

I am now totally efficient at doing things that “appear” to be a total waste of time.

Yes, I know radical.  To be the mom is radical!

Doing nothing doesn’t come easy, it’s a learned habit, like so many of our other habits, it takes work and effort to acquire “waste of time” attributes.

Yeah – that’s what we did, and what we do, around our home – waste time!

Need an illustration?

A purple balloon.

It was my sons birthday and he picked up one of the discarded balloons from our family birthday celebration.  He smiled at me and bopped it towards me with his hand – I bopped it back and after several bops the laughter ensued.

We then kicked it back and forth, then we used elbows only, then knees, then noses, then we flicked it…and just about everything else you could think of, with rounds of repeats.  We kept at this for nearly forty-five minutes.

Here’s the kicker, I was supposed to be at a meeting, a gathering of moms who were working on a project together.  My son was supposed to have left the house, that’s what was on the morning schedule.  But…in the MOMent, my heart knew a little “waste of time” was in order.

Here’s the real kicker…this scene that has played out before your blog reading eyes did not occur on a birthday for my wee little son years ago…it occurred Tuesday for my seventeen year old son.

You see, we have a history of making time for each other, hanging out, playing, talking and even not talking, just being – the point is, years spent wasting time with my son has meant relationship building.

And relationship matters.

Please…take the time to waste some time!!!


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